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Samsung E2550 Sim-Free Slider Mobile Phone -

Samsung E2550 Sim-Free Slider Mobile Phone

Recently this column reviewed another Sim-Free smartphone – the Motorola Defy. Now don´t get me wrong, that was a lovely little number, but people have been saying to me “I don´t want smartphone this and that, I just want a good basic phone that does the job and I don´t have to re-charge it every […]

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Mooncandle Remote Control LED Candles -

Mooncandle Remote Control LED Candles

The traditional wax candle has been around for centuries, originally used as a source of light and later evolving into a domestic accessory for their soothing means of ambient lighting, whether it be for that intimate dinner party or relaxing soak in the bath. But they have their dis-advantages, they´re messy and if left un-attended […]

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Hinari Genie Multi-Attachment Blender -

Hinari Genie Multi-Attachment Blender

It wasn´t so long ago that the Kenwood Chef was the must-have kitchen appliance, but boy oh boy was it big, chunky, heavy and noisy! And it took up half the kitchen too. Thankfully these days are gone and compact yet powerful multi-function kitchen appliances are the norm rather than the exception. An excellent example […]

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